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Height: 5'11

Measurements: 38-27-37

Sharika Ellis was born June 1st 1990 in a small town named Perry, Fl. Sharika decided to become a model from many people telling her that she had what it takes to become one, once Sharika had her first photo shoot and loved every bit of it, she knew that modeling was something that she would love to do for a career. Modeling is only one of Sharika's careers; she's also a member of the army reserved, a student, and plans on becoming a counselor for young women. Sharika is very sweet, funny, and easy to work with. Many people have stated that Sharika's outside is only a reflection from within.

Sharika has been modeling for almost a half a yr, and has done countless photo shoots, and has been featured on many websites. Sharika feels that she has the potention and drive to take her career to another level. With her lovely height standing at 5'11, sexy dark skin tone, and beautiful facial features Sharika is open to any field of modeling, ready and determined to make her mark.

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