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Chyna represents the nation’s Capital by way of the pretty palm trees of South Beach Miami. She’s the furthest thing from the average chic from the DC area. Don’t let the pretty face fool you; she’s very serious about the art of dancing. Having started at the age 18, as a means to collect fast & easy money, she has turned it into a lucrative opportunity. Don’t get it twisted, she’s no video vixen & shouldn’t be classified as such. Her first real photo shoot was that with Black Men’s Magazine, which you can check out in newsstands in the September issue. You can also check her out as the leading feature for Dime Piece magazine. With the figure of a coke bottle with measurements of 32-26-41, she is definitely the topic of conversation. Though she is the most sought out dancer at the elitist King of Diamonds club in Miami, her appeal hasn’t changed, since being mentioned in Drake’s latest, “Miss Me”. The key to her keeping such a tight physique is simple; KEEP DANCING, it’s such a natural workout. Outside of her typical routine, she would like to get into acting in the near future. At the end of the day, Chyna is simply just a fun loving girl, who enjoys laughing & loving that thing we call life.


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