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Saun Simmons 2012
Saun Simmons Saun Simmons Saun Simmons
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Alicia Monae new 2012
Alicia Monae Alicia Monae
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Rikki Renee x 2 Starz Studio x  Long Hair & Long Legs
 What these shots of Rikki Renee lack in background, they more than make up for in raw sexiness. You'll definitely want to check these shots of Rikki courtesy of 2 Starz Studio.
Rikki Renee topless wearing a handbra while straddling a chair and showing off her booty in a green thong in her shootRikki Renee posing in sexy blue lingerie in her shootRikki Renee showing off her booty in a sexy black swimsuit in her shoot
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Laura Dore in Marquis Magazine
 Marquis Magazine had a really nice spread and interview with one of my favorite models, Laura Dore. An excerpt from the interview when asked about wearing tight-laced corsets:

I frequently wear corsets... My measurements are 34c-23-40. I've been able to lace my waist to 19 inches.

Laura Dore posing in a black leather jacket and black panties for 2-Starz-StudioLaura Dore showing off her booty in a black thong and black leather jacket for 2-Starz-StudioLaura Dore posing in a skintight red dress and a black leather whip for 2-Starz-StudioLaura Dore modeling a red dress and thigh high black boots while handcuffed to a purple stand for 2-Starz-Studio